Thunderbird Release Update: August 2011

Just Released

  • Thunderbird 6 Beta – July 20th

Coming Soon

  • Thunderbird 6 Beta 2 – August 2nd
  • Thunderbird 3.1.12 – August 16th
  • Thunderbird 6 Final Release – August 16th
  • Thunderbird 7 Beta – August 16th
  • Thunderbird 8 Early Bird – August 16th

Future Releases

  • Thunderbird 7 Final Release – September 27th
  • Thunderbird 8 Beta – September 27th
  • Thunderbird 9 Early Bird – September 27th

* As part of the new Rapid Release Schedule, dates listed for Earlybird and Beta builds reflect when the code merge is to begin. The actual release to that particular channel may vary by several days. See this post for more details.

Thunderbird 6

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  1. Thanks for all your blog posts and hard work on Mozilla news. It was really confusing for me to figure out release notes and all these versions. You’ve done an excellent job of explaining the version numbering and the development process. Awesome job and thank you for filling in where Mozilla seems to have dropped the ball… or at least nothing I could decipher in the short time I was doing web searches.

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