Too Late For Microsoft?

In the phone market that is. Microsoft and Nokia have unveiled plans on how their partnership is going to keep both of them alive in the US mobile market. It will be interesting to watch, but I doubt Microsoft has a chance against Apple (which is now the most valuable company in the world) with their iPhone or the Android phones.

The only “selling point” I have seen is towards the end of the article:

As iPhones and Android devices pick up steam in the corporate world, BlackBerries are in less demand. Windows Phone 7, which comes with light Office apps, is likely in the best position to take advantage of this window.

Really, that is their big “selling point” light Office apps? I suppose in a corporate environment that may work, but the again the last corporate company I worked for did not use Microsoft Office or even Outlook (which looks like the Windows Phone 7 does integrate with Outlook).  Looking at the Nokia prototype design, I can’t really say I care for the Windows Phone 7 interface (which appears to be the idea behind the future ‘Windows 8’ interface).  I think former iPhone and Android users would have a hard time adapting to this interface. Further more, it will have a ‘virtual keyboard’, something that Steve Balmer balked at about the iPhone back in 2007.

I suppose it is better than the purposed ‘zunePhone’ from back in 2007…


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