Stylish 1.2.1 for Firefox 6

Stylish 1.2.1 which will work with Firefox (and Thunderbird) 6.0 is currently stuck in the AMO approval queue, so users who are updating to Firefox 6 are finding that Stylish 1.2 is being disabled. User can install Stylish 1.2.1 via this link, just click the yellow ‘Add to Firefox’ button and click through the warning. Looks like they submitted the updated on August 15th, the day before Firefox 6 was released. Likely will be approved by the end of the week and those have add-on update checking enabled will see it as an update when they restart Firefox.

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  1. Niice! Many thanks!

  2. Real cool. Thanks for the link to 1.2.1 =)

  3. Thanks a lot! I have tried to find it for almost a hour.

  4. Made my day better. Thx

  5. i like skin fb!

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