Firefox 7 Beta (7.0b1) Released

Following the new rapid release process, Mozilla has pushed Firefox 7 on to the Beta Channel. Users already using Firefox 6 Beta can move to Firefox 7 via Firefox Button > Help > About Firefox. Or a fresh copy of Firefox 7 data for desktop or mobile may be obtained here.

5 Comments on Firefox 7 Beta (7.0b1) Released

  1. Hi, have you had any luck for addon compatibility. I tried the making extensions.checkCompatibility false. This does not seem to work. Any ideas. Thanks

  2. addon makers will start to place unlimited compatibility, to ensure they’re not incompatible without a real reason. This may cause some addons to break without notice, when something internal REALLY changes.
    Maybe its about time to attach addon compatibility to api versions, which will only advance when needed?

    • That will be nice once that happens, addon compatibility is the number one reason why people are resistant to move to the next Firefox version.

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