Likejacking Prevention

I don’t use FB but thought this may be of interest to those who do.

Zscaler Likejacking Prevention is available as a plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and it combats likejacking, in which attackers attempt to exploit Facebook members’ usage of the like button by tricking them into clicking hidden like buttons and unintentionally liking pages or products, which, in turn, appear on their friends’ newsfeeds and spread virally.
Zscaler added that Zscaler Likejacking Prevention will also protect users against intrusions via the upcoming variations on the like button, including listened, watched, read, challenge (in games), and, if it is ever deployed, the dislike button…”

More More here Zscaler ThreatLabZ Tackles Facebook Likejacking

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  1. Cain’t say I’ve seen this happening on Facebook.

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