Add-ons Missing in Firefox 7

Mozilla has identified an odd issues were some desktop and mobile users have had some or all of their add-ons going missing from the add-ons manager after updating to Firefox 7. Don’t panic, your add-ons (and their associated data) are still there, just not showing up in the add-ons manager There will be an emergency Firefox update (7.0.1) in the coming days to correct this issue. In the meantime to get these add-ons to reappear install the Add-on Recovery Tool add-on and restart Firefox.

Source: Mozilla Add-ons Blog

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  1. THIS is why this rapid pace of development is becoming absolutely laughable. AND ruining the product. It’s just becoming a plain, sloppy, resource hog of a product.

    For crying out loud … a “recovery tool” and an emergency update have to be put out less than 48 hours after the release is offered. That is bad.

    I’ve been complaining for over 6 months that something is corrupting the history … throwing visited sites into the wrong date buckets. Nothing gets done. Nothing gets fixed.

    I wasn’t able to install either of the updates for Firefox or Thunderbird. They both downloaded several times as corrupted. I had to do the installations for both manually.

    Then I find out that they’ve messed around with the SAPI 5 again and my screen reader doesn’t work. The screen reader addon was just updated a week or so ago. Mozilla cannot expect developers of addons, who mostly do not get paid, to adhere to this ridiculous production schedule that is not allowing time to check the product before it is distributed and that is not allowing addon developers the time to upgrade their products.

    Firefox is slow. I have had a RAM cleaner because it’s such a resource pig. That’s why I installed version 7 because they claimed that it handled the memory much better. So far that does seem to be true.

    I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of Firefox, though. Too much time spent hunting around for replacements for addons that are needed, but haven’t been updated yet. Too much time spent turning this ‘feature’ off and turning this ‘feature’ on.

    • This is so true and that is why I stay at FF version 3.622 till this mess is fixed.

    • Barbara and/or To whom it may concern:

      1) What is the recommended version/build of Firefox that has the best compatibility with addons/extensions/plugins etc?

      2) Currently I’m running 3.6.23.

      3) What specs is everyone running this on btw?

      4) What browser would you be switching to if you decided against Firefox? I currently use Firefox and Google Chrome on my main box.

      5) OS: Linux Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (32 Bit)

      6) When I was running Win7 Ultimate (64 Bit) I experienced problems with Google Chrome more so than Firefox. I like Google Chrome but not a fan of BSOD issue(s). Since switching to Linux I have not had ANY crashes.

      Thanks for everyone’s time and happy hunting/browsing.

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