Lightning 1.0 Released (Thunderbird 8 Only)

Lightning, the integrated Calendar add-on for Thunderbird has been updated for the upcoming Thunderbird 8 release on November 8th. Lightning 1.0 only works on Thunderbird 8 Beta or Release version. Since this has already hit AMO users moving from Thunderbird 7.0 to 8.0 will be notified of the update when Thunderbird performs a first run add-ons check (note: you may be updated to Lightning 1.0rc3 initially). Thunderbird 7 user can still add Lightning, but will need to add Lightning 1.0b7 from the Version History section on the Lightning AMO page.

At this time there are no Lightning updates for Thunderbird 9 Earlybird (Aurora) which still uses Lightning 1.0b9pre or Thunderbird 10 Daily (Nightly) which is using Lightning 1.0b10pre. So I am not sure what is going to be the new numbering scheme (as if this current one is not confusing as it is). I’ll post an update as the week progresses and Thunderbird moves up the channels.