Removing Java Console Extensions

We mentioned the Java Console Extension as one of those extensions that a program (in this case Oracle’s Java) installs into Firefox without the user’s knowledge. Unless you are a Java Developer, this extension serves no real purpose for most Firefox users. Many users find they have multiple Java Console extensions and some (or all) are disabled. However, there is no way to remove the extension(s) via the Firefox add-ons manager. A long time ago we posted on how to remove the extension and thought it may be a good idea to post it again.Especially since some users may want to perform a little housekeeping on their Firefox profile before they update to the next version.

Windows XP users should be able to remove from the add-ons manager, while Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users you will need to remove the JAVA Console extension(s) manually from within extensions folder in your Firefox install (NOT profile) folder:

  1. Locate your Firefox install folder. In most cases on Windows this is going to be C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox (hint: right-click on the short-cut and click properties to find the install location).
  2. Close Firefox
  3. Inside your Firefox install folder is an extensions sub folder. Inside this folder remove any folders (there may only be one) which begin with {CAFEEFAC . . . . }. Warning: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 users will get a UAC alert. Make sure you are logged as admin.
  4. Restart Firefox and go into your add-ons manager to confirm the extension(s) is/are gone.

Users who move to Firefox 8 should not have to deal with this sneaky add-on with the next Java update. After the Java update is installed and the user starts Firefox, they should be presented with a screen informing them a program has attempted to install the Java Console extension. The user will be asked if they want to continue with the installation or block the installation.

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  1. Thank you!! This has been bugging me…I had FIVE folders. Worked like a dream and has actually seemed to improve my FF memory usage.

  2. I had 9 folders! After updating firefox and getting them auto-disabled I noticed an considerable increase in speed. I knew it had to do with those pesky consoles. I heard that these can also pose a security risk as well. Before updating, I had 2 plugin containers running most of the time (unless I killed 1 of them) and one of them always ate up CPU time and RAM. I got rid of them now so I never have to worry about again! Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks. I think I had been installing an old version of Firefox that did not disable the add-on, removed JCE in the old version of Firefox, and re-installed the new version of Firefox.

    This is much simpler.

    I have Firefox 9.0.1 and updated JRE from to yesterday and got the add-on. Maybe i missed something. I think JRE 1.7 doesn’t install the add-on.

    I’m saving this link.

  4. A very simple fix, but it is sure not obvious! Only takes a Delete Key unbelievable, same as deleting a shortcut! Much harder to find you Web Page. Thank you

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