Firefox 8 Inverted (White) Toolbar Icons

Another change in Firefox 8 which was not very well documented is with small icons on dark Personas and glass is the icons are inverted (white). Also this applies to the default theme if Tabs on Top is turned off. This was as a result of Bug 671553.

Normal Icons

Inverted Icons

I have created a Stylish Script that will un-invert the icons. However, it does not restore the actual button or glow effect though on some Personas.

8 Comments on Firefox 8 Inverted (White) Toolbar Icons

  1. Bad_Attitude | November 10, 2011 at 9:22 AM |

    Imagine my surprise this morning when I tried to jump over here from Google Reader and saw this .

  2. I got the same message as Bad_Attitude.

  3. OH ya! I was just looking for a fix for this exact problem!
    Any chance of making it a userscript instead of userstyle?
    I remember at one time Stylish wasn’t the safest extension to install, has that changed?

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