Firefox 13 Released

Mozilla has released Firefox 13 on June 5th, 2012. Several UI changes in this update and more information can be found here and in the Release Notes. This release does not support Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP1 (or older) due to the move to MSVC 2010 compiler for the builds. Users can update via Help > About Firefox or can manually download and install the new version of Firefox via site. Firefox 14 will be the next release in six weeks (July 17th).

1 Comment on Firefox 13 Released

  1. Ever since this version downloaded my computer has been a pile of junk. My cursor freezes and jumps, and it takes whole minutes for a tab to open. My whole computer freezes as not responding perhaps 20 times in as many minutes. I hate the new tabs feature because it slows me down. I’ve followed your instructions to undo the tabs and see if my cursor has been unfrozen, for which I thank you very much. But firefox is about to lose a user of many years, and one who even sends them money every now and then!

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