Firefox 13 Smooth Scrolling Issues

Mozilla made some changes to the algorithm used for Smooth Scrolling in Firefox 13. Much like the ‘Hardware Acceleration’ feature introduced a while back, some users are going to find that it does not work well on their machines. To turn off ‘Smooth Scrolling’ go to Firefox Button > Options > Advanced. Uncheck the box in the Browsing Section for Smooth Scrolling and click OK.


3 Comments on Firefox 13 Smooth Scrolling Issues

  1. To be honest the latest version of Firefox sucks badly – certainly on a Mac.The scrolling lag is ridiculous also text box lag is unacceptable – after years of using it I’m not ditching it!!!
    Hilarious piece of software

    • It does seem as if this was another looked great on paper concept (much like hardware acceleration and Tabs (sort of) on Top in Thunderbird). I am not using Firefox as much as I use to.

  2. Thanks for the hint. On a Mac, of course, this dialog is accessed via Firefox | Preferences…

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