A USB Toaster

Okay, not exactly the kind of toaster that will turn you bread into well toast. ThinkGeek has come out with a USB Toaster hub along with (each sold separately) 4 different pieces of 4-GB USB toast. The whole set is going to cost you $128 USD (plus tax if applicable) with free shipping (if you spend at least $75 USD). I suppose for some people $128 ($28 for the ‘toaster’ and $25 for each piece of ‘toast’) is just pocket change and/or they just find this too cool. Otherwise, you can get much more space for a whole lot less. About a month ago I bought a Transcend 64 GB for $32 via Amazon.com (with free shipping with my Student Prime membership) versus a combine (if you bought all 4 pieces of ‘toast’) 16 GB of space for $100. Oh but wait, the Toaster does have an SD card reader (sorry no toast shaped SD cards as of yet).


Source: Tom’s Hardware

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  1. This is FANTASTIC. Love it!

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