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Provider for Google Calendar 0.16 Released and more…

Having one of those mornings…was just trying to do some simple updates on the desktop system and opened a can of worms. The newest version of Flash seems to be crashing in Chrome nonstop, but I am hoping a reboot might fix that issue. Did get the JAVA plugins on this machine updated. On this machine I run Thunderbird Beta as my default Thunderbird build, and it updated to Thunderbird 16 Beta when I checked for updates. During the update process I was warned that earlyLight was not compatible and I tried to check for updates, but none were found. So Thunderbird updated and I no longer had my calendar. I went to the add-ons manager and right-click on earlyLight and did a ‘check for updates’ and it downloaded Lightning 1.7 which does not work with Thunderbird 16 Beta. I tired another check for updates after the restart, no updates found. I checked on the calendar versions site, nothing yet for Thunderbird 16 Beta.

Okay fine, I don’t use the desktop that much anymore now that I have better laptop. But, I did want to update my calendar and was too lazy to login into to my Gmail on the web and then access my calendar to update that way. So, I launched my ‘Release’ profile which was still Thunderbird version 14.0 from July. I went ahead and updated and was warned Lightning 1.6 was not compatible, but could update to Lighting 1.7. Did this and restarted and now I have a calendar, just not the Google portions. Since I had dealt with this earlier in the week on the laptop, I knew I needed to update the Provider for Google Calendar add-on which was still on version 0.13. Just for the heck of it, to see what would happen I right-clicked on the add-on in the add-ons manager and did a ‘check for updates’ and I was presented when an update to version 0.16. Installed, restarted and now I have a fully functioning calendar again in Thunderbird 15. Checking on AMO, looks like version 0.16 was released yesterday.

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  1. Are there any release notes for Provider anywhere? What’s new in 0.16?

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