Enable the Built-in PDF Reader in Firefox 15

” Mozilla recently rolled out Firefox 15, the latest version of the browser in their new rapid-release schedule.  With this new release there are quite a few new features, which have been outlined in the above linked post.  One interesting feature that bears a little more attention and some explanation is the new built-in PDF reader… “

Source: Ghacks.net
 Enable the Built-in PDF Reader in Firefox 15

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  1. I found that enabling the PDF viewer as described wasn’t enough – I was still opening files in Adobe Reader in a Firefox tab as before. What I had to do, additionally, was to go to Firefox/Options/Applications, type PDF in the search bar, go to the Action drop-down, and select the (newly available) “Preview in Firefox” option. PDFs now open in a nice shiny new Firefox-native viewer. Very neat – all the normal context menu commands work as expected, and the “find” bar finds text within the PDF – really excellent work by the Mozilla people.

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