New in 2013

It has been a while since I’ve done much with this blog. That is going to change this year, call it a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ if you will. Most of what I plan on doing with this blog is going to be more Computer/Internet related. To be more specific:

  • WordPress. Been doing a lot of work with WordPress for the past few days. I currently have around 10 WordPress sites four of which are actually blog, the others are ‘websites’. The Weaver II theme is one the best themes out there on WordPress. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review later on of this theme. There are also several plugins I have discovered that are either great or you should avoid (especially one plugin in particular when uninstalled can break your site and can potently allow unauthorized access to your site’s database). On the flip-side, I have found a really great automated content and database backup plugin.
  • Windows 8. Personally I haven’t tried Windows 8, and I even could have gotten a ‘free’ (after rebate) upgrade to Windows 8 on the laptop I bought over the summer. There’s been lots of news (most of it not so great for Microsoft) about Windows 8.
  • Other computer/Internet, such as hardware and software. Note, for the most part I am going to not discuss Firefox or Thunderbird here as I cover those topics in their own blogs Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog The Email Mafia Blog.