erroneous blacklisting.

Although I do not use Trend Micro my Cisco router blacklist evidently does as I was one of notifiers.
Since I refer/link to his site all the time I thought I should put this up.

“I received a couple of emails in the past five days that informed me that this site’s newsletter and later on the site were blocked by Trend Micro. The message that site visitors received was troubling. Trend Micro claimed that every page of the site was a “dangerous page” and that the company has confirmed that the website can “transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud”.
The online check at Trend Micro’s Site Safety Center even claimed that the site “contains malicious software or defrauds visitors”. None of this was true obviously and certainly reputation damaging considering that it is likely that the majority of users of Trend Micro products that went to probably decided not to proceed after they have received the warning.
Webmasters can submit a reclassification request to Trend Micro in which they can state that the website is not what the company claims it is. You can select a different category for the site and add a comment that may help your case.
It takes a couple of days before you will receive a response. To expedite the request, I decided to post in the website reclassification thread on the official Trend Micro community forum.

The site’s classification has been changed today and Trend Micro customers should not receive warning messages when they try to open it. … “

Martin Brinkmann on January 9, 2013

Source: Website Reputation Part 2: Why you need to verify it regularly –

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  1. Thanks, I would have never spotted this is it were not for readers of my site who let me know about it.

  2. “erronious” erroneously spelled

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