Firefox 18.0.1 Released

Mozilla has release an update for Firefox 18 for desktop users (no updates for Firefox for Android or Firefox ESR) only on January 18, 2013. Firefox 18.0.1 addressed these issues:

  • Problems involving HTTP Proxy Transactions (Associated bugs)
  • Unity player crashes on Mac OS X (bug 828954)
  • Disabled HIDPI support on external monitors to avoid rendering glitches (bug 814434)

User should be notified to update within the next 24-hours depending on their update settings or can update via Help > About Firefox and clicking the Check for Updates button. Users can also download and manually update via the site. The next regularly scheduled release of Firefox will be Firefox 19 on February 19, 2013.

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  1. I am now having problems with download links with 18.0.1; OX 10.6.8
    Have restored defaults to no advantage

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