Changes to “Holding” the back button in Fx 29

Another annoyance I have discovered with the upcoming Firefox 29 is holding the left mouse button when clicking on the back button no longer brings up your “history”. There are many times I don’t want to go back one or two pages, but rather several in one click. To do this I would simply left-click on the back arrow and hold the mouse button down until the list appeared and then select which page I wanted to go back to. This is the way it works in Firefox 28 (and older), Google Chrome and even Internet Exploiter. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that functionality also worked in Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey and pretty much any web browser out there.

However, in Firefox 29 it is a different story. For some insane reason Mozilla has decided they should be different and take away this function. Keep in mind you have always been able to get to this history by right-clicking on the back button. Now with Firefox 29, right-clicking is the only way, besides cluttering your toolbar by adding the back/forward button (small arrow pointing downward) via the Customize… option.

I looked through the options on both the Classic Toolbar Buttons (which I am not using anyway) and the Classic Theme Restorer add-ons, but did not find anything that would restore this functionality.

This change really has me baffled as this is not a matter of trying to be like Google Chrome. Really seems like an odd way for Mozilla to set themselves apart in removing a function that has been (and still is) around for a long time. I have posted my concerns in the Firefox Builds forums on mozillaZine and hope to have some answers soon. Stay tuned…

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  1. I still can long-left-click the back button to access the full history with Firefox 29. Maybe do you have problems with some addon?

  2. For some reason I still have access to the history popup by holding LMB on Firefox 29.0 beta (latest version at time of writing).

    It’s just a wild guess, but it might be the case that some add-on is interfering on your side. I’ve skimmed over my list of add-ons on my Firefox and I couldn’t spot any add-on that would have added this functionality on its own.

  3. Also working for me!

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