Update to Firefox 29 Back Button Issue

I received several comments in regards to the Changes to “Holding” the back button in Fx 29 post from here as well as comments on mozillaZine Firefox Builds. All were the same theme, “Still works for me. Could be an add-on”. So, I went through and started disabling add-ons. Thing was this profile was fairly lean when it came to add-on, just had AdBlock Plus, Classic Theme Restorer, CoLT, Flagfox and Greasemonkey.

Turns out, it was indeed an add-on giving me the troubles. The Classic Theme Restorer, more specifically in the options if you choose “Movable back-forward button” then the left-click history doesn’t work. So the fix to this issue is not to use that option. But, that option fixed the other issue I was having which was having with the navigation toolbar buttons not being in the order I preferred. Also, the Movable back-forward button will always display the forward button, even when you can’t go forward. I don’t like the default setup where the forward button will ‘pop’ up when you can go forward, thus shifting the address bar to the right.

For once, this wasn’t a change made by Mozilla. So my next step is check with the add-on developer and see if they know about this issue and if there is going to be a fix.

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