Firefox 29 Back Button with CTR Issue Resolved

Last week I had contacted the developer of the Classic Theme Restorer (CTR) add-on upon discovering this add-on was causing my ‘back button’ issues. At that time the developer had advised that he was not able to find a way to restore back the functionality when using the ‘movable back-forward’ button option in CTR. Furthermore, he did not foresee being able to resolve this issue.

Earlier today I received an email from the developer advising me that the functionality had been fixed in the recent Beta update of CTR to version 1.1.8 beta 8. After updating the add-on, I am please to report the holding down the back (or forward) button to get a brief history functionality is working again.

You can get the updated Beta version of CTR by going to the add-on’s page then scrolling down to the bottom to the Development Channel section.