Bluehell Firewall, lightweight Ad-Blocker addon

This has come up on several sites lately and, as I had never heard of it, I did a quick Google check.
Looks like a good addition.
That’s addition, not replacement, but since I don’t use Adblock Plus -as NoScript blocks many ads anyway- it may be a good companion.
Posting from here cause it has more info and pretty pics. 😉

” Bluehell Firewall is a lightweight ad-blocker add-on developed by Diego Casorran for Mozilla Firefox. This the same developer who created an add-on to prevent facebook phishing on Firefox. This add-on weighs only 30 Kilo Bytes which makes it non compromising with browser performance but comes with price. Lightweight means no configurable settings. So, you can’t depend on this add-on for complete elimination of annoying ads, particularly those non Google ads and private ad pop-ups. “

Source: Browsers Addon
More  Bluehell Firewall, lightweight Ad-Blocker addon for Mozilla Firefox.
From the developer:
” …Next i’ll let you decide if this is for you… as long performance is in your mind, it should.

You can turn the extension on/off at any time by clicking the toolbar button (Fx Desktop), or touching the menu item entry (Fx for Android)
What’s next for Bluhell Firewall
ATM this is a option-less extension, but we’re considering adding options/features which are most demanded by our users.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative blog .
    Today Latest browsers have a built in ad blocker that filter the pop ups by default. Such built-in options facilitates in saving memory, bandwidth and also improve the overall performance of the browser. Even ads that are played in between the videos can be filtered while watching through video sharing websites.

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