AdBlock Plus is a Memory Hog?

Ever wonder why your Firefox is using so much memory? Turns out AdBlock Plus could be the cause behind this. Mark Wilson with betanews performed an experiment using both AdBlock Plus for Firefox and Chrome:

“So this morning I fired up Firefox. One tab open — BetaNews, of course — finds memory usage sitting at around 184MB (Chrome, for comparison, eats up about 112MB for the same). OK, so let’s get AdBlock Plus installed to check out these claims.

Instantly, memory usage for Firefox rocketed to 383MB — so more than doubling — although it did drop slightly to 350MB after a few minutes. It was a very different story in Chrome where installing the same extension seemed to have no effect on memory usage whatsoever.”

For those that are interested in more details about this issue can follow Bug 988266 which was filed back in March of this year.

Source: betanews (via grand stream dreams)

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  1. I did my own quick test.

    Test Parameters:
    * Used a new Firefox profile with no addons.
    * Open one tab on some page from ‘’.
    * Used Process Explorer to check Firefox’s private bytes.

    Results(private bytes values fluctuating):
    * Without ABP: 195MB – 211MB
    * With ABP. ABP with its default filter subscription(EasyList): 296MB – 300MB
    * With ABP. Default filter subscription deleted, using my own custom filter set: 193MB – 207MB

    # The EasyList filter subscription is huge.

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