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July 2014

Thunderbird 31 Released

Mozilla released a major update for Thunderbird on July 22nd, 2014 with version 31.0. Information about this release can be viewed here. Depending on the users update settings, they will be prompted to install the Thunderbird Update or may do so via Help > About Thunderbird. Users can also download and manually install the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird via getthunderbird.com site., The next scheduled update for Thunderbird will be in about six-weeks with Thunderbird 31.1.0 on September 2nd, 2014.

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“Do you use Firefox as your Internet browser? It turns out that even regular users are often unfamiliar with the rich resources available at Mozilla. There are many articles there that can help make you a better user of Firefox. Areas covered include installation, configuration, security, privacy, maintenance, and other areas of Firefox use. Here are 14 of my favorite links from the Mozilla collection. Read these and you can become a Firefox ace. … “ Updated 14. July 2014 Source: Gizmo’s  14 Mozilla Articles to Help Make You a Better and Safer User of the Firefox Browser

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