2 Comments on Mozilla rolls out update hotfix for old versions of Firefox

  1. I guess Mozilla is really serious about getting Firefox users to switch to Pale Moon.

    I tried to stick with Firefox. I really did. But after two-plus months of unrelenting crashes no matter how many extensions I uninstalled, how I tweaked the settings for Flash Player, how few tabs I loaded, and how meticulously I avoided loading more than one video at a time, I’m giving up. I’ve been using 64-bit Pale Moon as an auxiliary browser for a couple of years, and it virtually never crashes. As I write this — in 64-bit Pale Moon, so it doesn’t crash — I’m literally in the process of installing regular 32-bit Pale Moon as my default browser (32-bit so I can use a couple of additional plugins, like Google Talk/Voice/Video.)

    Anyway, I feel sorry for anyone who was sticking with an older version of Firefox because of the Firefox 29/30 fustercluck, and who didn’t think to disable automatic updates.

  2. I think they should just get people to move to the newer versions by setting up some automatic updates.
    They could just download the new version in the background and install them during the next start up.

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