Pale Moon Tweaks and Info

I found one in the comments that I changed.
I set the cache compression to 0.

“Pale Moon and Firefox are two popular web browsers that share many features. Most Firefox add-ons run perfectly fine in Pale Moon for example and the same is true for the majority of about:config tweaks. …”

Source: gHacks Tech News
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  1. Richard Allen | January 13, 2015 at 3:26 PM |

    I hope my comment helped. I’m embarrassed to say that it took my a while to decide to figure out why I was loading pages faster when my cache was empty! I knew the cache was being compressed but it just didn’t click that it could be a problem. Definitely one of those “duh” moments! SMH!! For a little while I even had the browser set to wipe the cache everytime I closed it. Granted… I have a pretty decent connection with a 15ms ping, 4400 KB/s down and 770 KB/s up so not having my cache built up wasn’t a big deal but being able to use the cache for websites with heavy graphics does make a difference. My desktop is 5 yrs old, 2.7 GHz dual-core, 6GB ram, recent clean install of W7 x64 on a new 1TB WD Black hard drive and uses the performance plan in the power options. When using uncompressed cache it is noticeably faster versus using compressed cache. I’m a huge fan of Pale Moon and have to say this is the only about:config setting that I can’t agree with being the default. I’m just guessing but I’m thinking even newer computers with mid to low end processors would render pages faster using uncompressed cache.

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