Firefox 35 Released

Mozilla released an update to Firefox on January 13, 2015 with Firefox 35. There are several new features and fixes for this release and these can be viewed in the release notes.

Users may be prompted to update to the newest release (35.0) of Firefox or can do so manually within Firefox by going to Help > About Firefox and following the update prompts. Users may also manually download and install the newest Firefox update (34.5 via the site. The next scheduled update for Firefox is February 24th, 2015 with Firefox 36.

8 Comments on Firefox 35 Released

  1. The automatic update doesn’t work for me so I will have to download it manually. Now, even though I’m Swedish, I have an English version but I don’t remember if it’s American or British. Perhaps it makes no difference but out of interest, how do I find out which one I have?

  2. I not sure about checking to see if you have en-US or en-GB. You might be able to find it via about:config (open new tab type about:config in address bar and press enter; click the I’ll be careful, I Promise button) and entering in the filter field general.useragent.locale.

    As for the automatic updates, I’ve been hearing about other folks having issues with that as well.

    • Yep, that did the trick. Thank you.

      However, if other people have problems too perhaps one should lay low and see if they push out a fix for it?

      • From what I have heard these folks with automatic update issues have had this on going for the last couple versions.

        • I was afraid that the new installation would not remember all my settings, extensions et cetera but I seems to have worked out all right.

          Thanks again.

  3. A friend of mine uses the tab groups (fka panorama) feature, with the TabGroups Menu and Session Manager extensions. According to him, in Firefox 35 he no longer has access to tab groups in previously saved sessions. I’m reporting this second hand, so I don’t know any more than that. Perhaps an update to TabGroups Menu or Session Manager will fix the problem. I used tab groups in the past and found them extremely useful for organizing and managing extended browsing sessions with lot of tabs, but I stopped because I ran into this same problem with previous Firefox updates.

    • I haven’t used Panorama in ages and forgotten Mozilla removed it. Looks like the TabGroups Menu add-on (if that is the actual name) is no longer being kept up by the developer. As for session management goes, I just use the standard built-in session manager.

      • My bad — or rather my friend’s bad. I just got an email from him saying that after restarting Firefox a *second* time, his tab groups are once again available, so: false alarm. My apologies. I *love* Session Manager. For a while now, it has had a small bug in Firefox where its interface doesn’t automatically close after you choose a session to load at browser start-up. But it doesn’t have that bug in Pale Moon, my default browser. Anyway, thanks for getting back to me!

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