Back to Firefox

About a year ago I had opted to do away with the El Guru’s Blog and post anything tech related on this blog. During the past month I was looking over the content of the blog and notice the majority of the content from the past 9-years (as of May 1st) is Firefox. In April 2009 I split off the Thunderbird content over to the Email Mafia Blog as I wanted to keep the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog dedicated to Firefox only. In the past year I had come across some none Firefox content I had considered posting, but didn’t because I didn’t want to clutter this blog with non-Firefox content.

While I was getting everything prepared to move this blog along with the Email Mafia Blog over to the new server, I noticed I still had the content and database for the old El Guru’s Blog ( on the old server. I decided I would restore the blog and rebrand it as El Guru’s Tech Blog using the ( I am using for an old school project I still reference from time to time) domain. So, now this blog will continue to be dedicated to Firefox related content.