Classic Theme Restorer (Customize UI)

I believe I mentioned this add-on last year when Mozilla unleashed Australia’s. Aris has put together an add-on which allows you to more than just customize, but rather fix the User Interface changes that Mozilla has made over the past year. Some of these includes:

  • Disabling Pocket
  • custom ‘about:newtab’ page for Firefox 42+ (developmental build)
  • show add-on version number (version numbers will be removed starting with Firefox 40)
  • Disable Reader Mode
  • Options/Preferences in new window instead of new tab

There are many more customization options available. Before installing the add-on take a moment and read through the About this Add-on section to get an idea what you can do with this Add-on. Once installed go the Tools Menu in Firefox and select Classic Theme Restore to view all the options and starting fixing/customizing.

Classic Theme Restorer Add-on

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  1. Typo Alert: Australia’s should read Australis. (Let me guess: autocorrect on a smartphone or pad?)

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