LastPass Hacked (again)

Password manager service LastPass has notified users their (LastPass) system has been hacked (again). Since 2015 LastPass has its host of security issues, but then again who hasn’t? While LastPass has not ‘advise their users to change their master password (which it is very odd as that precaution is usually what most companies tell their users to do when there has been a ‘security breach’) it still a good idea for users to do this even if it is just out of an abundance of caution.

LastPass - Review 2021 - PCMag UK

In the announcement sent via email and posted to its blog, the company describes the root issue as a compromised developer account, through which part of LastPass’s source code and proprietary technical info were taken. At this time, LastPass says it has taken steps to isolate and mitigate the issue, as well as hired an outside cybersecurity and forensic team, with the investigation still ongoing. Users are not currently being advised to change their master password.

via PCWorld