Safari For Windows? How weird!

Okay now this is very weird (almost unnatural), Apple has released (Beta) Safari 3.0 for Windows. This use to be a Mac only browser, but now it seems Apple has wanted to get in on the “PC Browser War”. For those of you keeping track we have IE 7, Opera 9.5, Netscape Communicator 9, and Firefox 3 in addition to Safari all trying to compete to be your web browser. Percy at Mozilla Links has done a brief but ‘weird’ review of Safari. Here were his observations:

  • It has beautiful fonts, and as it has been already said, they must be stolen for Firefox. It offers 3 font smoothing levels, but the default seems to be adequate for me.
  • Silently imports Firefox’s bookmarks. Live Bookmarks are imported as regular bookmarks though as it does no web feed trick except feed preview.
  • It looks weird. It is nice looking but looks out of place in Windows, just like iTunes.
  • It uses Mac OS native controls, which make it look even weirder.
  • It acts weird. Double click the title bar to maximize it and you will have to kill it. No link modifiers in bookmarks or history, no Alt+Enter in location or search bars.
  • It starts up faster than Firefox.
  • It offers private browsing, currently in development for Firefox 3.
  • It’s a beta.

Not sure if I am going to try Safari out or not. I do have plenty of drive space, but the whole concept just seems ‘weird’ to me as well. Stay tuned…

News Source: Mozilla Links >> Safari for Windows Beta released

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  1. Justin Anthony Knapp | June 11, 2007 at 10:38 PM |

    It’s worth a shot; good for web design and figuring out what your site will look like on a Mac.

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