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Thunderbird like Firefox does have about:config settings. But, how the heck do you get to about:config in Thunderbird since there is no address bar to type about:config in. The access to about:config is well hidden: From Tools, select Options…, Click the Advance Tab, select (if it is not already) the General sub-tab and finally click the Config Editor… button. Note: On TBird 3 builds you will get a “This gun is loaded!” warning message the first time (and each time if you don’t disable) you access this option.

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to go hunting through the Options menu, you can get and setup the AboutConfig extension:

  1. From Thunderbird Add-ons >> AboutConfig
  2. RIGHT-CLICK on the green install now button and select ‘Save Link As…’ . Note: XPI installs do not work yet in TBird, left clicking the button will install the add-on in Firefox.
  3. Save the file (aboutconfig-0.6-tb.xpi) to your desktop
  4. In Thunderbird, go to the Tools Menu and select Add-ons
  5. Drag the file (aboutconfig-0.6-tb.xpi) from the desktop to the Thunderbird Add-ons window
  6. When the Install button becomes active click.
  7. Click Restart Thunderbird
  8. Right-click in an empty area on the toolbar and select Customize…
  9. In the Customize Toolbar window, look for about:config button (likely will be at bottom of list) and drag it on to the toolbar where you want it.
  10. Click OK when done. Note: Do not click the X as this will not save your changes.

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  1. I use a keyboard shortcut to open “about:config” in Thunderbird:

    openDialog('chrome://global/content/config.xul', '_blank', 'resizable');

  2. With Keyconfig extension 🙂

  3. Marc Savoy | July 1, 2007 at 1:03 AM |

    I happen to have stumbled upon this site from google doing an about:config search for firefox but really glad I did. I use
    thunderbird but some of the quirks really are quite annoying
    but the techniques I’ve picked up here have been most helpful


  4. The fact that some features are accessible only with the about:config module indicates that TB is just short of being ready for prime time, in terms of being a serious commercially-usable software by businesses and corporations.

    e.g. the feature I need fixed — where, in a reply, signatures appear underneath what you’ve written, rather than underneath the original message — apparently needs to be configured through this about:config — and even then, it doesn’t work properly.

    It is just too much to expect the average person to be able to know how to use a about:config module.

    Overall, TB2 still has the feel of being created by computer geeks, rather than having a smooth user-friendly interface that is understandable by ordinary non-IT people.

    Suggestion: the TB programmers should get their non-IT friends to test the user interface of TB3.

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