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Firefox 3 RC2 Coming

At today’s Firefox 3 Status meeting, it was announced there would be a second release candidate (RC) in early June. Here’s the scoop from Mozilla Links:

RC2 will fix about a couple of dozen bugs including some top crashers, some affecting performance and localization related. Most of the bugs already have patches waiting for review or landing and the revised code is expected for tomorrow, with initial builds available on Thursday. QA will start the same day and last for about a week.

Look for Firefox 3 RC 2 to be released on/around Friday, June 6th.

3 Comments on Firefox 3 RC2 Coming

  1. Brent Hopkins | May 28, 2008 at 5:44 PM |

    So, if I already have FF3RC1, will RC2 automatically update, or will I have to go download and install it manually?

  2. yes moderator…i`m also using FF3RC1,I have same question like Brent Hopkin…

  3. You should get an automatic update to RC2. Check in your about:config and search for app.update.channel the value should be set to ‘beta’. This setting however will not give you the full release version of Firefox 3 when it comes out. For that you will need to have the value set to ‘release’. However, DO NOT change the value in about:config, it could cause undesirable side effects. Instead use the Update Channel Selector add-on.

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