Firefox 3.6b1 Delayed Yet Again

Tuesday we saw the releases of Firefox 3.0.15 and Firefox 3.5.4. On Wednesday Firefox 3.6b1 was suppose to be released, at least that was what the new date was after last week’s delay. Wednesday has come and gone and no Firefox 3.6b1. The latest date on the release site shows Late October. Well that narrows it down to either today (29th) or tomorrow (30th). But, I am going to go out on a limb and say sometime in November…

6 Comments on Firefox 3.6b1 Delayed Yet Again

  1. From early september to late october!

    dunno if they will be able to make it before years’ end , this will really affect 3.7’s release. 🙁

    BTW , beta 1 builds are already code-frozen , so what are they waiting for? Even if they find any bug , then they cant fix it in Beta 1 itself.

  2. @bogas04 – from what I read on Wikipedia the delay was caused by “technical difficulties”. So I am guessing that is with the release mechanism not the actual build.

  3. Firefox 3.6 beta 1 Build 3 out , this one is for sure final Beta 1

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