June 17, 2011

New Code Names For Thunderbird Builds

So after much debate the Thunderbird Planing Group has decided on new code names for Thunderbird developmental builds/channels: Daily (formerly known as Shredder or Nightly) Earlybird (equivalent to the Aurora channel/builds for Firefox). Beta Release Along with this new naming scheme comes the release of Thunderbird 6 to the Earlybird Channel. While the build itself seems to functioning fine, there are a couple branding issues that need to be fixed: What is it? On first run it opens a new tab: Welcome to Shredder! Two problems with this, first off the Shredder name has been replaced with Daily and this…

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Tab Preview Revisited

Back in January 2010 we wrote about the new Tab Preview feature in Firefox 3.6. Many of you are probably confused as you don’t recall seeing this feature. Okay, while it was introduced in Firefox 3.6, it is tucan be activated as well.rned off by default. Users have to ‘activate’ this feature by making a couple about:config tweaks. Rumors at the time was this would become active in Firefox 4.0,which it never did. It is also not active in Firefox 5.0 Beta, 6.0 Aurora or even 7.0 Nightly.  For those who are not familiar with this feature here is a…

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Wiki Improvements

Some of you may have noticed we made a slight change to the color scheme on the FF Extension Guru Wiki. We had noticed the links were not visible and have since made them more visible.  We have also made the following improvements: Search widget is now at the top of the page instead of down in the footer. Removed old Links section. Links to Browser & Clients and Open-Source Software are now in the footer. Resource page has been completely redesigned.  There are now links to current, past and developmental Firefox releases. Also provided links to support forums and…

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