Firefox 3.6.20 Released

Mozilla has released the 18th update for Firefox 3.6 on June 21st. This update fixed several security issues & stability issues. See release notes for full details. Users can get the update by going to Help >> Check For Updates.

Support for Gecko 1.9.2/Firefox 3.6 will continue. Next release will be Firefox 3.6.21, with a release date likely to be around September 27, 2011. Firefox 3.5 has reached end of life support as of April 2011, depending on your operating system you should upgrade to Firefox 3.6 or 6.0

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  1. or upgrade to the newly released Firefox 6.0, which went final the same time Firefox 3.6.20 came out.

  2. Informative site w/good info for Mozilla users.. I did download and try both FFox 4 and 5 probably about 5 minutes for each recently and promptly reverted back to current 3.6.20 release.. I’m a seasoned pc user and builder since 1995 (and the days of Netscape) and am probably considered an “old schooler” when comes to browser feel and look.. I’ve no clue why Mozilla felt the need to totally revamp the gui of their browser and by the many MANY negative comments and articles I’ve read from users on numerous sites that coincide w/mine., many are passionately displeased w/the unwarranted change as well..
    I was very pleased to read that the development of the 3.6 line will continue in your article as it is my choice and will continue to be until a time arises when the need to upgrade will be really needed..

    Thanx.! ~ tee kaye

  3. Just an fyi to those interested., Version 3.6.21 was made public on 8-31-2k11.. It can be downloaded by the update from the help menu on the browser toolbar.. Or if your pref is to download separately to install and save for later use (as is my choice)., the file can be found at one of the links listed below.. –or–

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