Thunderbird 6.0 Released

Mozilla/Mozilla Labs has released the next version of Thunderbird, 6.0 on August 16, 2011. New stuff in Thunderbird 6.0 is listed below, be sure to check out the complete release notes for full details.

The latest version of Thunderbird has the following changes:

  • Thunderbird is based on the new Mozilla Gecko 6 engine
  • Several theme improvements for Windows 7
  • Support for Windows 7 Jump lists
  • Several fixes when importing email from Microsoft Outlook
  • Default mail client check now works with newer Linux distributions
  • Various other user interface fixes and improvements
  • Numerous platform fixes that improve speed, performance, stability and security

Thunderbird 6.0 supports the same versions of Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as did Thunderbird 5.0. Users can update to Thunderbird 6.0 by going to Help > About Thunderbird or can download Thunderbird 6.0 directly here.

1 Comment on Thunderbird 6.0 Released

  1. Good morning,

    I note with interest the new version of Thunderbird.

    I have been using it as a replacement for Outlook Express (which I dearly loved) since moving over to Windows 7.

    I recently upgraded to V5 but chnaged back when I found I couldnt find an add on for spell checking or resizing photos.

    would you be aware if add ons are available for this V6 ……ie to check spelling and resize photos?



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