Firefox Release Recap: November 5, 2011

Just Released


Coming Soon

November 8th

  • Firefox 8
  • Firefox 8 for Android
  • Firefox 9 Beta (9.0b1)*
  • Firefox 10 Aurora (10.0a2) – November 8th*

Future Releases

December 20th

  • Firefox 9 Final Release
  • Firefox 9 for Android Final Release
  • Firefox 10 Beta (10.0b1)*
  • Firefox 11 Aurora (10.0a2)*

January 31st

  • Firefox 10 Final Release
  • Firefox 10 for Android Final Release
  • Firefox 11 Beta (11.0b1)*
  • Firefox 12 Aurora (12.0a2)*

* As part of the new Rapid Release Schedule,dates listed for Aurora and Beta builds reflect when the code merge is set to begin. The actual release to that particular channel may vary by several days. See the Wiki for more details.

3 Comments on Firefox Release Recap: November 5, 2011

  1. Really, I gave up! I am not using the firefox anymore.

    Once, when I started using firefox afterIE, it was awesome! But now, a browser that uses 1.5 GB of your ram??
    I am now switching to Chrome, I think it is better

    • Are you using the latest Firefox 7.0.x, as it really cleaned up Firefox memory usage. I use to have Firefox using 1.5 GB of RAM (out of my total 8 GB), but now it is down to less than .5 GB and that is with lots of tabs open and add-ons.

    • is your firefox and your computer also what kind of addons you install, i have windows 7 with 1.5 memory ram and about 15 add ons and havent had any problems since firefox 5, i usually have on average 10 tabs open

      Firefox now is GOLD.

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