More Default Favicon Choices

In the Replace Firefox Default Favicon post we mentioned a couple User Scripts by Rob64Rock that allowed you to replace the new (and unimproved) default Favicon (now a dashed square) for pages and bookmark that did not have a Favicon. This past weekend I received an email asking if was possible to use the Aurora or Nightly logo with the Firefox Branding Logo as Favicon script on Firefox 8. I contacted Rob64Rock and he sent me the link to scripts he has created which will use the Aurora or Nightly logo as the default Favicon regardless of which version of Firefox you are using. He also sent me a link for a couple other new scripts as well.

Here is a list of Rob64Rock’s ‘Favicon’ Stylish Scripts:


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  1. Bad_Attitude | November 22, 2011 at 9:12 AM |

    Thanks for the info. Personally I think the new default favicon is less annoying than the old one but this is a much better solution!

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