Thunderbird 17 Released

Mozilla has released the next update for Thunderbird on November 20, 2012, with Thunderbird 17. Changes in this version include the new ‘menu button’ on the right side and tabs are now drawn in the title bar on Windows. Also with this version Mac OS X 10.5 is no longer supported. For more information see the Release Notes. Users will be prompted to update within 48-hours or can go to Help > About Thunderbird to update or manually download and update via the site. This is the last planned Thunderbird update for 2012, however if any security or stability issues arise, there may be a 17.0.1 release before the end of the year. The next planned release for Thunderbird will be in early to mid January 2013 with Thunderbird 18.

2 Comments on Thunderbird 17 Released

  1. my quick text add on crashes the new version, had to be disabled..will there be a fix??

  2. Sorry, folks, but this is a disaster.

    The new menu system made the upper top of the window disappear on XP. But trying to reply to any email made the whole thing crash, again and again and again.

    I reinstalled TB 16. I hope TB 17 it does not auto-reinstall.

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