Tab Mix Plus and Firefox 17 Issues

I am not a big fan of Tab Mix Plus (TMP) may be because I hear of so many issues it causes with Firefox. Yet it is by far one of the most popular add-ons for Firefox. Now comes word the latest version of TMP breaks the Add-ons Manager in the newly released Firefox 17. There is a work-around which involves installing a developmental version of TMP.

What I don’t understand is why are they just discovering this now? If this add-ons is so popular there should have been users who reported the issue during the Beta cycle in the past six-weeks, or even the Aurora cycle which started six-week before the Beta merge. I could even say the same during the Nightly cycle which was six-week before the Aurora merge, but Nightly releases are notorious for being buggy and having issues.


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  1. When you manually run an add-on update check (or, I assume, when Firefox runs one automatically), it looks like either Mozilla or Tab Mix Plus is now setting Tab Mix Plus to be disabled the next time Firefox is started. I’m guessing they’ve decided to disable it by default until the problems are fixed.

  2. Is there an alternative you prefer with similar features?

    • Not really only because I don’t use any. I guess the Movable Firefox button might be one and then I had that combined with a userChrome.css tweak to have the tabs in the title bar along with the smaller Firefox button.

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