Thunderbird 17 – Lighting/Provider for Google Calendar

Lightning will auto-update to version 1.9 when Thunderbird checks add-on compatibility during the update. However, Goggle Calendar users will need to manually update to Provider for Google Calendar add-on to version 0.18 in order to get their Google Calendar(s) to work again in Thunderbird 17. To update go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > select Lighting and right-click and select Find Updates. After restart your Google Calendar(s) will show up in Thunderbird again.

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  1. Thanks very much!

  2. Thank you ! That worked perfectly …..

  3. Martin Wills | November 22, 2012 at 1:55 PM |

    That worked. Now I have the 1-minute freeze back when Thunderbird starts but I’d much rather have that than no calendar.

  4. grand! thanks, that was what i was looking for!

  5. since I have installed the thunderbird 17.0 and updated the lightning, i have problems. the thunderbird opens automatically approy 10 times (number is increasing each timeI use it), but I can not close the different windows. If I shut one, all are gone.
    Does anybody have an idea, what I can do?

    Thank you

  6. This is what i am looking for thank you very much for your help that worked perfectly…………….


  7. Hello, I updated but now I cannot see the accept/decline buttons in the email notifications

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