New Context Menu with Firefox 32

One of the new features with Firefox 32 is “Easier back, forward, reload, and bookmarking through the context menu” Mozilla has consolidated the context menu a bit by replacing the text for Back, Forward, Reload and Bookmark This Page options with the respective toolbar icons.

Old Context Menu (Firefox 1.0 to 31) New Context Menu (Firefox 32+)
old_context_menu new_context_menu

Note: the items listed in your context menu may vary depending on what add-ons you are using. Now, I hadn’t really noticed this until recently as the only time I really use the context menu in Firefox is for the Copy Page Title and Location As option which is part of the CoLT extension. When I want to go back (or forward) or even reload (or stop loading) the page I use the regular toolbar buttons. The only option I could see myself doing through the context menu would be the Bookmark, but then I am so use to clicking the ‘Bookmark Star’ in the address bar…

This new feature landed on the Firefox Nightly releases back in May. Surprisingly, the redesign of the context menu was not something that was already being done in Chrome or another browser. Rather, it was more designed to mimic the context menu on Firefox for Android. There is still currently an issue with Menu Editor add-on. There also has been some unconfirmed reports of crashes when right-clicking on embedded videos.

More Information: JAWS: Experimenting with context menus

3 Comments on New Context Menu with Firefox 32

  1. Is there any way to go back? I grew accustomed to doing “right-click, m” for bookmarking, “right-click, r” for reload, etc. Now that doesn’t work.

  2. Ever since microsoft got involved with the firefox development I’ve been waiting for it to go downhil and it has, slowly but surely we are getting stupid change after stupid change. Microsoft are killing firefox from the inside.

    This latest change is annoying for me because moving the mouse to the right rather than down is very awkward, you have to be more precise aswell so it takes longer.

    Stupid little change after stupid little change slowly but surely microsoft is killing firefox.

    Hey Microsoft stick to screwing up windows and leave firefox alone yeah. Just because you wreck the competition doesn’t mean we will start using your crappy browser again.

    Thanks to those who post solutions to this latest bad move, especially the ones that don’t require an addon.

  3. In FF version 33 several items no longer work (in context menu), for example Open link in new tab, and Save image as… do not work, nothing happens when you click them.

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