Restore Old Firefox Context Menu

For those who are having issues with (or don’t like) the newly redesigned context menu in Firefox 32, there is a simple way you can get back your old (Firefox 31 and older) context menu without too much trouble:

  1. Download and install the Classic Theme Restorer add-on.
  2. From the Firefox Tools menu select Classic Theme Restore
  3. Select the General UI category on the left then scroll down to Replace page context menu icons with labels (back, forward, stop, reload, bookmark page) and check this option. Note: Below screen shot is for the current 1.2.3 version. The 1.2.5 Beta versions the options has been renamed to Replace icons with labels in ‘page context menu’ (back, forward, stop, reload, bookmark page) and is a little higher up in the list.
  4. Click OK and the changes will take effect immediately (no restart needed).




2 Comments on Restore Old Firefox Context Menu

  1. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’! The new ‘improved’ Firefox context menu required me to do in two clicks what used to be done in one click. Since I already had the Classic Theme Restorer add-on, this was an easy fix.

  2. Yeah, I wish that Firefox would just stop trying to be Chrome. We like Firefox the way it is.I don’t have time to be constantly learning new ways to do exactly the same task.

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