Weekly Update 2007-06-04

Lots has happened in the past two weeks (last Monday was Memorial Day) including some new Fx (both branches) and TBird releases.

  • Fx – The release of this build on Wednesday, May 30th marks the end of the security and other updates on the old Fx 1.5 branch. Now would be a good time to go to Fx 2!
  • Major Updates – If you are currently on the ‘Beta’ update channel with Fx you may be presented with the option to migrate over to Fx later this week. I might try this out, but then I am not sure if I even have a 1.5 build installed on my Win32 side.
  • Fx2 – Fx was also released last Wednesday. Be sure you have updated your AdBlock Plus as the new version takes advantages of new feature in Fx including being able to block flash ads (see Improved Ad Blocking in Fx  Not sure if this build is going to fix the problems I an having with Fx in Ubuntu since the new Kernel was released over the Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Fx3/Gecko 1.9 Alpha 5 is expected to ship soon (was suppose to be shipped 05/31). Alpha 6 is currently in development. Expect to see new designs on the UI (see Fx 3 User Interface (UI) Redo). New changes will be appearing on the trunk (nightlies) soon and will be announced via Mozilla Developer News as they land.
  • TBird – Also in last weeks ‘threesome’ updates.
  • TBird – RC builds expected later this week in time for the Community Testing Day on Friday, June 8th. I figured TBird would be coming soon given that I am now being fed on the nightly update channel.

See the complete meeting notes.