Weekly Update 2007-07-02

Here are the highlights of this week’s Weekly Update Meeting:

  • Major Update (Fx >> – rolled out with about 3 million users taking advantage of the upgrade. No discussion in news groups
  • TBird 3Hunspell, new spell check engine on trunk but not in any builds yet.
  • Fx 3
    • Alpha 6 Completed:
      • Updated SQLite
      • Improved cookie performance
      • Support for site-specific preferences
      • Miscellaneous fixes and UI improvements to the Add-ons manager, download manager, bookmarks and history.
    • Work on Beta 1 is commencing:
      • Places UI changes
      • Bookmarks sync
      • Web-based protocol handling (first UI maybe this week)
      • Identity UI
  • All Builds
    • Breakpad has now replaced the old Talkback in all nightly builds as well in the 1.9a6 (Fx 3) builds.

See complete meeting notes for more details