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July 16, 2007

Weekly Update 2007-07-16

Here are the details of today’s Weekly Update meeting: Fx/TBird – Firedrill Release due a critical security bug (cross browser scripting). Also a regression was found in Fx resulting in a re-spin. Currently testing Fx, updates available soon for testing. Possible release this Thursday (07/19) but TBird could be released Friday or following week. Fx3: Places team focused on UI (details) Download manager spec complete Ongoing design discussions in d-a-f AddOns specs in progress, Madhava and Rob Strong leading that work More plans to be posted this week about visual refresh M7 freeze next week, m8 is…

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Netscape 9.0b2 Released

The next milestone in the Netscape 9.0 series, Beta 2 was release late last week. Netscape 9.0 is based off of Firefox (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070710 Firefox/ Navigator/9.0b2). I have used Netscape 8 in the past and had found it to be very unstable, so I was not sure what to expect with Netscape 9. I played with it for a couple hours this morning and much to my surprise it was very stable (never even crashed 🙁 ), even on Delphi Forums where some ads would cause Netscape 8 to crash. Being Netscape…

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Review: Interclue

The Guru is getting popular! I’ve had two extension review requests in the past couple days. Today’s extension review is Interclue, “an extensive and polished new add-on that brings you link summaries, link context information and useful next action icons inside a handy tooltip window that turns up when you want it, not when you least expect it.” Unlike Snap Shots, it provides more than just a preview of the link. With Interclue you get a preview plus ‘clues’. These ‘clues’ include statics such as number of words, links and files contained within the document. In addition there is (optional)…

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