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July 28, 2007

Page Zoom in Fx 3

Presently with Firefox, the only ‘zoom’ (CTRL + +) increases the text-size only.  The original Mozilla Suite (now The SeaMonkey Project) and Opera have a page zoom, that is where the entire page (text, objects and pictures) are zoomed.  This was filed as bug 4821 back on April 8, 1999 and on July 25th, 2007 it was finally marked as RESOLVED FIXED. Now before you get all excited, it is not quite done yet.  The backend functionality is done which is why the bug status has been changed to  RESOLVED FIXED.  However, there is currently not a way to call…

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Mitchell Speaks Out

See: Thunderbird’s Future for background info. Currently, Mitchell (Baker) has made some additional posts in Mitchell’s Blog in response to the comments left on her Email Call to Action from July 25th. Some of the ‘themes’ she is has/going to respond to include: Google is involved somehow Thunderbird and the Mozilla mission Feature thoughts about Thunderbird Why can’t Thunderbird and Firefox both prosper inside the Mozilla Corporation? Is Mozilla exclusively focused on Firefox? Revenue is the determining factor. I will update this post when she posts on ‘themes’ 5 and 6, plus any additional she may add.

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