Netscape Mercury

I stumbled across this Wikipedia article earlier this week while doing some other research on Netscape. I thought this was interesting…

Netscape Mercury is a standalone e-mail and news client in development by Netscape. Announced on June 11, 2007, the program is intended to accompany the web browser Netscape Navigator 9, and is based on Mozilla’s Thunderbird. The software is named after the ancient Greek god Mercury, the messenger. It replaces the former Netscape Mail & Newsgroups client included in versions 4 to 7.2.

I guess Netscape is trying to get back to the all-in-one web browser, instant messenger, e-mail client, etc. Seems like all these other internet companies (Flock for example) are basing their software of the Mozilla equivalents. I suppose it is better than say basing it off of MS Outhouse Outlook!