Weekly Update 2007-07-09

This week’s meeting has brought a lot of big news and not just the usual Firefox/Thunderbird.

Firefox/Thunderbird Builds

  • TBird – Code freeze scheduled for this Friday (07/13) with a targeted release date of 07/31.
  • TBird 3 – Begin phasing out the old Talkback on this weeks trunk builds. Will be replaced with Breakpad
  • Fx 3.0 – Alpha 6 released on July 2nd [Release Notes]. First Beta release on the Fx 3 branch was slated for 07/31. However there is now going to be an Alpha 7. Code freeze is scheduled for 07/25 with ship date of 7/31. See Gecko 1,9 section below for new release schedule. Lots of UI work in progress:
    • protocol handling
    • malware UI (landed)
    • plugins in the addons manager
    • download manager
    • Places UI for adding tags and bookmarks
  • Gecko 1.9 – Updated Release Schedule (NOTE: dates are not to be considered fixed). [Build Info]
    • Alpha 7 – July 25th Code Freeze / July 31st Ship
    • M8 – September 5th Code Freeze / September 18th Ship
    • M9 – October 16th Code Freeze / October 31s/Early November Ship

Firefox/Mozilla News

  • Firefox eBay Edition launched for UK/DE/FR last Wednesday, July 4. Related Article: Fx Logo Engraved MacBook Pro
  • Non-Fx 2.0 compatible add-ons have/will be moved to the sandbox today. Related Article: Non-Fx2 Compatible Add-ons
  • Flock 0.9.0 (based on Fx to be released on July 10th

Complete Meeting Notes