Review: Snap Shots

    Note: If you are using a Nightly or other custom builds of Firefox you will need to make a change in your about:config in order to be allowed to download this add-on. Change general.useragent.extra.firefox preference from Bon Echo (or whatever your build is called) to Firefox. Once you have installed the add-on you can get safely reset that preference.

Snap allows you to see preview or a ‘snap-shot’ of the link target when you hover over a link. WordPress has been using Snap for a while now and it is one of those features you either like or hate. I like it to some extent as the preview can be handy if you know what you are looking for. This add-on adds the functionality of Snap to other websites such as Yahoo! Search, Wikipedia, Google Search, Amazon, Ask Search, IMDB and more.

Snap Shot Control Panel

Snap Shots Control Panel

The add-on is very easy to configure with a nice simple control panel. I played with this quite a bit last night and found it to a great and much needed enhancement to Wikipedia. Most Wikipedia articles contain many links (usually definitions) within the articles. Normally I would have to click and follow the link (usually to a stub article) and go back to the article I was reading. With Snap Shot, just hover over the link and the Snap Shot box pop-ups, allowing you to read the first few lines (usually this is the total length of a stub article) without having to leave the main article.They also offer a Publisher & Blogger Tools which allows you to add Snap to your own site (via a <script> tag). Very customizable (choice of colours,ability to automatically add ‘snap’ icon to links which have snap preview and more) I am currently experimenting with these tools on the main site ( However, at this time it is only on the extensions page and most of the previews are not yet fully functioning.Snap Shot works with Firefox 1.5-2.0. Again if you are running a nightly or custom build be sure to make the change in about:config as noted at the start of this article.
Tip Source: Jason Fields – Product Evangelist, Emerging Technology –